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Genesis Communications, Inc. mission statement is a constant reminder to its employees of why the company exists and what the founders envisioned.

Our Philosophy “Commitment to Excellence – Completely Satisfying the Client’s needs for Life”

An authentic belief in having integrity in the “Commitment to Excellence – is the principle of doing business that drives this company. Referrals from existing clients and local related service industry professionals provide the majority of the Company’s production.

Our Goals “High Touch and High Tech”

We strive to provide our valued clients with the most innovative web based and hosted solutions, so that the client experiences both an exemplary personalized relationships with our Account Executives and using the most advanced and secure technology in the industry.

Our Ambitions “Competitive rates through Knowledge and Technology”

From our excellent developers, finding innovative solutions to customer needs. To our reliable network infrastructure and termination providers, we deliver the most cost efficient solution to your Contact Center needs.

Our Mores ” Compliance with the FCC, FTC, TSR, TCPA, PUC Teaching Clients to Teach Themselves”

We are the industry leader who provides continued client education so our clients realize their obligation to be aware, responsible, embrace and review the telecommunication laws with their legal counsels when marketing to their customers and or prospects. Knowledge gained will assist the clients into action so they can teach their employees to work within the telecommunication laws.