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All you need is a computer, a headset and the internet!
Hosted Call Center Solution

The most important aspect of what you do as a marketing firm is the “First Impression you leave with your Customer and or Prospect.”

Genesis Dialer is a completely web based Predictive Dialer system, that connects your agents to your customers or prospects live with advanced state of the art features.
Genesis Dialer is so easy to use; all your agent has to do is wait for the system to connect him/her to a live person.

All you need is:

  • Computer
  • Broadband Internet
  • USB Headset

What you don’t need:

  • NO Major Capital Investment
  • NO Purchase of Phones
  • NO Payment of Phone Lines
  • NO Software
  • NO Dialogic Card Servers
  • NO Hardware Needed
  • NO Phone Bills

Save up to 50% over existing conventional Premise Based Predictive dialing systems by implementing this new web hosted solution platform.
Increase your productivity and sales by talking to more people about your products and services and avoid the wasted time of your agents manually dialing, leaving messages, getting busy signals or no answers, and hang ups.
Intellectually fully integrated system offering call control on demand
Genesis allows you to write your own customized scripts
Lowest cost method to reach high volume of customers and/or prospects.
Genesis Predictive dialer has unlimited scalability
Increases productivity by having each agent able to handle multiple campaigns. Genesis can run multiple campaigns simultaneously and remain FTC, FCC, and TCPA compliant.
Agents can work from anywhere, i.e.(smart phones, net book, laptop, desktop, workstation, server/thin clients)

Available Features:

1. Outbound Calling:
Web Hosted System
Predictive Server Dialer
Voice Mail, Fax, Busy Signal, No answer filters
Blended Outbound and Inbound Campaigns
Agent interface on screen (consumer name and script pop- ups)
Supervised or un-supervised call transfer capability
Caller ID
Calls are digital clear

2. Compliance Management:
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA),
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry
States Do Not Call Registries
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
California Legal Remedies Act (CLRA)
California Business and Professions Code Sections
Public Utilities Code (PUC)
Company Specific Do Not Call List
TCPA Company Safe Harbor Do Not Call Policy
FTC TSR Abandoned Rules for Predictive Dialers
FCC Recording Calls Closed Sales

3. Inbound Calling:
Auto call distribution
Multiple Language campaigns
Toll and local numbers
Agent interface on screen (consumer name and script pop-ups)
Caller ID

4. Agent Productivity:
Remote agent access
Transfer calls
Schedule calling
Multiple Campaign Calling

5. Infrastructure:

Level3 Data Center Monitoring

Self Auto Restart Servers
Secure Internet and Voip Termination
Unlimited Scalability
Operating System Platform Updates

6. Features of the Call Dispositions:
CB = call back
Ring = No Answer
VM = Voice Mail
Busy = Busy
Fast = Congestion in the line
Fax = Fax Line
Disc = Disconnect
DNC = Do Not Call List, you never call them again in existing and future campaigns
Inval = Invalidate, not the person at the residence/business
Ref = Refused not interested
Sale = Close

7. Future Planned Features will be available as they are released